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Sunflowerpower Camp


What happens if a community of innovative makers come together to create a model camp for sustainability on a rocky, and deserted land?

About the Area 

Can we create an oasis in the desert?

Abu Ghalum is a beautiful spot at the shore of the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. A strip of land surrounded by the stunning Sinai mountains and breath-taking Red Sea. The neighbouring Blue Lagoon – a bucket list location for divers and freedivers with its turquoise sea feels out of this world and the windy conditions are heaven for kite and windsurfers too!

However, the infrastructure is very basic. A few distant springs are the only freshwater source in the area. With this scarce resources in the hands of a few, the costs are very high and farming through established techniques is too expensive. Food and beverages need to be brought from other areas like Dahab or Nuweiba. The result? The cost of living rises and becomes expensive.

Our approach

A self-sustainable camp, running Innovations

The Sunflower Power Camp represents a radical departure from the status quo, acting as a place for constant sustainable innovation, whilst providing a home for health-conscious nature lovers and a safe environment for women.

The magic of transforming the desert


We wont reveal all our magical tricks for the camp, 

but here is a taste of what you can expect:

Magic Trick 1

Turning seawater into fresh water

Water desalination must be an intensive process, with big industrial facilities and is very energy consuming, right?

Maybe not! What if we just use the most obvious solution for desalination: Distillation! We simply boil the water. The steam gets cooled and collected. What we have now is pure water! Through added minerals, the water becomes suitable for drinking. Sounds easy and it is easy! Our first tests were successful, and we are planning to scale up and provide the whole camp with water. The process is simple and affordable making it perfect for replication in many other parts of the world where clean water is an issue.

But wait! We need a lot of of energy for this, right? Well, no problem, if we just harness the power of the sun.

Magic Trick 2

Old satellites heating the water

Lets face it: Netflix is taking over our multimedia channels and more and more people are losing interest in receiving TV via satellite. So what to do with all the old satellite dishes? We use them to provide focused solar power for heating our desalination tank and, in conjunction with our solar panels we provide all the energy required for the camp!

Magic Trick 3

Turning the desert into an oasis

We have water now! Check. Now let’s use it to create a phenomenal oasis. But wait? What about the soil in Abu Ghalum? Mainly rocks and sand! That’s not a good condition to create a green oasis. So why don’t we change the condition of the soil?

Using NANO-CLAY technology the soil becomes viable, allowing us to plant and grow crops that never had a chance to grow here. At the same time, we are testing a hydroponic field system, to see which farming and greening method is more suitable for Abu Ghalum and the rest of the country.

Everything we grow is 100% sustainable and 100% organic and as Geoff Lawton said “You can solve all the world’s problems in a garden”

Magic Trick 4

Accommodation Innovation

Now that the space is alive with water, soil and plants, we need lovely souls to inhabit this space and help build a beautiful sheltered environment. Instead of using concrete and steel structures, we use natural building materials and even utilize palm in our building processes.

We build natural domes and tented structures that are elegantly designed and sourced from local and mostly upcycled materials . We aim to set an example proving that an affordable way of living is possible for everyone in the world.

Magic Trick 5

Everything is running in a cycle, even the shower

A 15-Minutes Shower in a water scarce area like Abu Ghaloum is a luxury. Even with a desalination system. Whilst showers are quite frugal in comparison to a bath, they still waste a lot of water. At Sunflower we are changing those rules totally.

Showerloop is an open-source system that is always filtering and reusing water. So we can almost have an endless shower, wasting very little of our precious resource. A great innovation, especially for communities like ours in the desert.

At the same time composting toilets nurture our garden. Through an ergonomic and hygienic way, our human waste is collected and repurposed as fertilizer to grow trees in the desert. Everything in our camp is as symbiotic as possible, making the most of every opportunity.


Whats happening to the salt?

Did you ask yourself the question, what we are going to do with the salt that is left from the desalination?

We are creating natural, recreational pools. The high amount of salt in these pools will give you a feeling of a pure salt lake, where you can float and regenerate your skin. With the salt encouraging healthy bacteria and crustecans, the whole pool takes on a beautiful and magical pink colouration – like Lake Hiller in Australia.

Our approach

A camp completely run by women

The Sunflower Power Camp represents a radical departure from the status quo, acting as a place for constant sustainable innovation, whilst providing a home for health-conscious nature lovers and a safe environment for women.

Our Vision


The Sunflower Power Camp is not just a place, where people get inspired. Once realized, it is a concept that should travel. To give new hope to communities that have a lack of basic needs and revive land, that appears to be dead. Affordable and Open-Source. This is why we want to document all the information and make it accessible in multiple languages. To replicate and to adapt. 

Let the circus of seeds travel to regions, where it is needed the most.