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Build your Dream – The Social Innovation Program 


Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.

“The Alchemist” – Paulo Coelho –

Creative Why you should make the journey through the Social Innovation Program

The Alchemist Hub Social Innovation program is designed for all of us, who want to create a positive impact in this world. Through individual daily missions, we send you on a journey that brings you step-by-step closer to the world you want to live in.

The program is shaped around the 4 I´s: Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation and Inner Journey. Going through these “I”s will give us the boost to develop impactful sustainable businesses and initiatives. They are also helping us in mastering challenges we face in different situations in our professional and personal life.

Can we get rid of trash and transform it to something useful at the same time?

Can we provide affordable and healthy food for everyone?

Can we create tourism, that is not just making people happy, but also our Nature?

Can we find purpose for our live?

Can we…?



To understand what we really care for, it is essential to understand who we really are.

The Inner Journey stage helps us to leave our comfort zone, deal with our fears and struggles and makes us ready to jump into this new adventure.


In this stage you create a deep understanding for the challenge you are tackling from every angle. You take a dive into the problem you are burning to help solving.

Here you create your vision. This helps you to become a superhero in your field and prepares you to find the right ideas.


Now it´s time to put everything that you have learned, experienced, felt and seen into a big box and shake it around. In this phase you generate lots of ideas.

And you will learn how to play around with your different ideas until you created an idea path that you feel is worth walking on.


You know what you want to do now. So let´s just do it. You build, you test, you adapt, you destroy, you build something else until you are ready to bring your solution to life…and to the market.

This is how it works:

1. We will start with the community check-in in the morning. Here, we evaluate our progress and our challenges to frame our daily goals. As a community, this is our time to support each other in the process.

2. After the check-in, we provide every participant with individual and specific tasks for the day and see where we can link you up, to go on this daily journey as a team. 

3. Now your time has come to work on your missions in the coworking space.

4. Throughout the day, we will assist you in fulfilling your mission. (In English, Arabic or German)

5. During the community check-out in the evening, we have the opportunity to review our progress.

And every day you are coming one step closer.


Note: You don´t need to attend the check-ins and check-outs. But it will boost your effort a lot. In general, the program lets you work at your own pace. If you want to spend multiple days with your mission and work on your freelance business at the same time, you can. If you feel like having a break and just enjoy the beauty of Dahab, do so. If you want to go for a multiple days diving experience. Of course, go ahead. It is a completely individual program. No unified curriculum or schedule.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Share your Social Innovation experience and stay in our Coliving places.

(All coliving packages already INCLUDE your Social Innoavation Pass)

Community Feeling in the Alchemist Castle


If you are seeking for a deep exchange with the community and the team and still want to enjoy your privacy then book your room in the Alchemy Castle. It is just 5 Minutes away from the Alchemist Hub. The spacious outside area gives us plenty of options for nice gatherings with the community. We are also transforming this place more into an upcycling heaven.

All of our appartments are equipped with a small kitchen unit, bathroom and Wifi.


All the packages are already including your Social Innovation Pass. 

Single Room

You will have a room in one of our apartments in the Alchemy Castle just for yourself. 

950€ per 28 Days

(25€ for every additional day)


830€ for 21 days

(30€ for every additional day)

680€ for 14 days

(35€ for every additional day)

Shared Double

You will share one of the rooms with one of our other community members in an apartment.

780€ per 28 Days

(20€ for every additional day)


650€ for 21 days

(25€ for every additional day)

510€ for 14 days

(30€ for every additional day)

Team UP!

Bring a friend or your partner, share your experience and your room...and also save a little cash ;-).   

695€ p.P. - 28 Days 

(20€ for every additional day)


545€ p.P. for 21 days

(25€ for every additional day)

480€ p.P. for 14 days

(30€ for every additional day)

Dar Dahab: Comfort and a natural feeling! 


As a big supporter of our program, we are happy that Dar Dahab offers luxurious apartments directly at the beach to our members for a very special rate. Dar Dahab follows a Sustainability concept. The tones and materials used inside the building resonate harmoniously with the natural landscape. Palm furniture from local trees features throughout. Salt brick from Siwa, possessing many health benefits, makes up the bed bases and feature walls. Lamps are crafted from local henna. Some walls are made from local earth. 

All apartments have double-beds, complimentary WiFi, satellite TV and quiet, modern air conditioning. Fully equipped kitchen with fridge/freezer, electric hot plates, toaster and kettle.

Dar Dahab is a pleasent 15-minutes beach walk away from the Alchemist Hub.  

All the packages are already including your Social Innovation Pass!

Single Studio

You will have a fully equipped studio just for yourself. Enjoy the wellness of your natural environment. 

1490€ per 28 Days

(40€ for every additional day)


1210€ for 21 days

(45€ for every additional day)

950€ for 14 days

(50€ for every additional day)

Team UP - Studio or Apartment

Bring your partner or your friend and start your journey together. Share one Studio or a double-room (double-bed) in an apartment. 

990€ (p.P.) - 28 Days

(30€ p.P. for every additional day)


850€ for 21 days

(35€ p.P. for every additional day)

640€ for 14 days

(40€ p.P. for every additional day)

Room in Apartment

Have one room for yourself in one of our apartments. The perfect mix of having your privacy and sharing your experience. 

1390€ per 28 Days 

(35€ for every additional day)


1090€ for 21 days (for 2)

(40€ for every additional day)

850€ for 14 days (for 2)

(45€ for every additional day)

Make your Reservation or contact us

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Or do you have questions about your stay in Dahab? About the coworking and coliving space? About your activities here? We are happy to assist you with any kind of question, reach us through the contact box or whatsapp-chat. 

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